Jan’s Farm Update 8/27/18

Good Morning Homesteaders!

Let’s talk poop!  While doing my morning chores I found myself studying a poop that had been deposited by one of my goats yesterday.  Goats normally have pellet sized poop, but this was more of a tubular poo, which started my mind working on what if any issues my animal might be having.  Although this may be a subject that only holds fascination for toddlers and farmers, observing the poop from your animals can give you a great deal of knowledge about their overall health.   My goat for instance had recently had her yearly CDT shot and had been treated for lice (yes lice, however they are very common among goats so I do not feel overly stigmatized).  So taking into account that she has had some significant changes in the past couple of days I am waiting to see if everything goes back to normal, which I feel confident will be the case.  But, if not then I need to look deeper into what might be the cause of her abnormal poop.  I check poop on all of my animals on a daily basis, just as I check their eyes, their coats, their appetites, and their overall demeanor.  All of these are indicators that they might not be in perfect health and that more investigation is needed.   I apologize if I have put any of the blog followers off of their breakfast today, but even if you are homesteading though me, today you were a farmer.

Since today’s topic does not lend itself to photos, I have shared a super cute pic of Humphrey.

Have a great day!

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    tee hee . . . poop


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