Jan’s Farm Update 8/25/15

Good Morning Homesteaders!

New life on the homestead!  After losing two chickens in two days new births are a reminder that the circle of life continues.  Mama hen is super protective so I do not know how many chicks that we have yet, however I have seen a black head and a red head so far.  In the next day or so she will be off of the nest so that they can eat and drink which will give me the perfect opportunity to do a head count.  I purchased these eggs from a different local source so I am super curious to see what our new chicks look like.  If I catch her off the nest I will snap a quick pic so I can share our new babies with you.

Well she wasn’t really off the nest, but she shared her little peeps.  There are seven new additions to the homestead.  Mama and chicks are doing well.  No doubt she will have them out and about in a couple of days.  Even though we are moving into fall days, having baby chicks on the homestead makes it seem like spring is here again.

Have a great day!

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    It is amazing that such tiny little fuzzy chicks grow up not only to become hens (as well as un-hens I suppose), but that these hens can make so MANY eggs and even chick (if they get that assignment) in their lifetime!


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