Jan’s Farm Update 8/23/18

Good Morning Homesteaders!

Homesteading is like juggling with about twenty balls.  You can always plan for the expected; however it is the unexpected that gets you every time.  Sometimes the unexpected is positive and sometimes it is not.  Unfortunately in this circumstance it was not.  We have one large chicken coop and several smaller coops in our front pasture.  There are several reasons for this and to irritate our neighbors is not one of them.  They actually serve multiple purposes, for instance one houses young chicks that we are integrating into the flock, another is a nursery for setting hens, while yet another houses some specialty chickens that I only want fertilized by their rooster.  So making sure that everyone has food and water takes time, but is something that is routine whereas something like unexpected weather can cause some difficulties.

Our property is located in an area where we rarely experience any wind.  However there have been fires in our state which make the air quality horrible, while at the same time we are experiencing some of the warmest weather of the summer.  Add to this wonderful scenario a strong breeze.  Needless to say it has not been very pleasant these past few days.  Yesterday the wind closed one of the doors to the main coop which doesn’t seem like much, however the door was held open by a cement block, a big one.  That is an obvious thing so Ashley went out an opened it up again.  No biggie!  What we failed to notice is that the door to the young chickens coop had closed also.

When I discovered this later in the day I didn’t think much about it because the young chicks go out in the morning and stay out all day.  Because hens are particular about where they lay I have checked this coop every day since I put the young chickens in it about three weeks ago.  Not a single egg, so it didn’t even enter my mind that a closed door would be a danger to any of the birds.  Unfortunately when my husband opened the door last night he found on of our sweet old girls dead in the coop.  She was one of the originals from California and one of the few that we had named.  Although she was one of a good sized flock, she was special enough to be named and we will miss her.  Sometimes homestead life is hard, but you always hope that tomorrow is a better day.

Have a great day!

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    When we were in town, we had only two hens. They were like pets to, which is suppose is odd for hens. They were with us for several years too, and must have been very old by the time they passed away. They came from another home.


    1. Chickens are the new Chihuahua’s. There are tons of people who have chickens for pets. They are very personable so I can see how people get attached and make them pets.

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      1. tonytomeo says:

        When I lived in town, my neighbor’s thought it inappropriate that there were two hens in the yard. Hens are chic now. It annoys me that someone else always gets to make the rules about what is cool and trendy.


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