Jan’s Farm Update 8/22/18

Good Afternoon Homesteaders!

One of our hens had a chick that hatched late after she had already left the nest.  I found the little one almost completely out of its shell, but with the membrane adhered to the back of the chick.  Since mama had moved on I scooped the chick up, removed the membrane, and set it up in a makeshift brooder.  This chick was weak, but spunky so we named it Chip, short for Chipper.  Chip warmed up under the light and grew stronger over the next couple of days.  Chip was a little strange looking because he looked like he was balding on his back, not sure if this was because of the membrane or what.  We had put him in our dining area in an apple box with handles and every time we sat at the table Chip popped his/her head through the hole and watched us.  Chip was a very social chick, however we wanted him/her to grow up with other chicks, so I put out an ad on the Homesteader’s classified page and a wonderful woman who had just incubated some eggs came by and took Chip home.  She has sent pics* and an update; Chip is doing great.  It took a bit for the bonding with the other chicks, but Chip is now one of their own.  Sometimes it is difficult to do the right thing, but I know that Chip is happier with a group of chicks then he would have been as on only.

Have a great day!

* Chip is in the back.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Oh, they get names. How cute. There were only tree at the the former garden, so they got names too; McNugget, Drumstick and Spot.


    1. Cute names! I have so many that only a special few are named and when something happens to them it is very difficult.

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