Jan’s Weekly Farm Update 1/22/2018

Happy Monday Homesteaders!  It’s time for a weekly update!

Let’s start the week with great news!  I got the results from my goats blood draw and they all came back CAE/CL negative.  It is a relief to know that my goats are healthy, but I still have the dilemma of what to do with Annie.  I really thought that I would have at least a couple that came back positive and I could put Annie with them and the issue would be solved.  Since my goats are an eclectic collection from many different breeders that didn’t advertise negative CAE/CL results, I am pleasantly surprised that my herd is clean.  Keeping Annie because she is CAE positive is not the issue.  Having sufficient infrastructure to run two herds of goats on our property is where we are running into difficulties.

We have been on our new homestead for a little over ten months now.  In that time we have built and repaired structures and fences.  When we purchased our homestead we understood that it needed love and that we would be on at least a five year plan to get it setup to meet our needs.  What we didn’t plan for is all of the following special circumstances; living on terraced land, having natural springs, mud that is slick and sticky at the same time, and the constant rain that makes doing most things twice as difficult.  We are adjusting, but projects that were simple and easy on our flat property with sandy soil are arduous and time consuming on our current homestead.  However, we are determined to overcome and/or work around these obstacles and build a lovely homestead that meets our needs.

On a totally different note, I enjoyed my visit to California.  It is always great to spend time with my parents and my friend Janice.  I visited some of my old haunts, ate at my favorite restaurants, and thoroughly enjoyed any sunshine that I encountered.  I spent one afternoon with my dad picking up firewood and another shopping at second hand stores with my Mom and Janice.  I had a wonderful time in my former hometown, but strangely enough by the end of my visit I was feeling the pull of the homestead beckoning me back to my new home.

Farm Updates:

All of the ladies are kicking up their egg production, we gathered 18 eggs yesterday.  Wow and Yikes!    We have purposefully acquired a diverse flock and the colors of our eggs are lovely.  It is truly like hunting for Easter eggs.

The goats are all getting their hooves trimmed today.  We have hired Annie who travels the north end of Oregon trimming hooves, giving vaccinations, and doing other goat maintenance.  She is going to let me observe and work with her so that I can learn to do hoof trimming myself.   This is the first time the goats have had their hooves trimmed on our homestead so I do not really know what to expect, but I will let you know how it goes.

Jo our GOS gilt is doing well over at the breeders.  She is being treated like a princess.  This silly pig actually does chores with the breeder.  She has had a soft heat, but the cold weather and short days have made her cycle sort of sluggish.  She has been given a hormone shot to see if she will come into heat and hopefully she will soon be bred.

Have a great week!

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