Jan’s Weekly Farm Update 9/27/17

We are getting pounded by rain! Readying all of the animals and processes for a change of weather is always challenging and even more so when the weather change is only temporary.  This is my first time overwintering goats so I am learning how they react to inclement weather.  I’m finding out that they are not real fans of rain which is unfortunate as they are Pacific Northwest goats and oh yeah rain is seriously a thing here.

Speaking of goats I believe that I am in the vetting process to obtain a milking goat.  I have been following a particular milking goat advertisement on one of my homesteader classified sites.  I was initially intrigued by the idea of having a milking goat, but thought, I am not really ready to take this on quite yet.   Not only was I not ready to commit, I had recently found a great source for raw goats’ milk.  So far we have made (I say we loosely, in reality it was Jill and Ashley) the tastiest mozzarella cheese and are preparing to make soap.  So why you might ask with everything seeming to have worked itself out would I continue down this path.

I can honestly say that this particular goat speaks to me.  Huh?  I look at my local homesteader site multiple times per day and see numerous animals without giving them a second thought, until there is one that grabs my attention.  This particular milking goat caught my eye when her advertisement was first posted, but I had convinced myself that I was not going to go down that path.  Periodically I would scroll down and see that she was still available and then quickly move on.  After a time I wondered if this goat might be meant to belong here on the homestead so I finally reached out to the owner.  She let me know that she was available, but someone was scheduled to come see her.  They had cancelled previously, however they had rescheduled and she was giving them another opportunity, as we all know that life happens.  Well guess what…….

So now I find myself being vetted by a responsible goat owner to see if I would be a good fit for owning their goat.  How will this turn out?  I have no idea.   I hope that we will have the opportunity to purchase her, but I have been very honest about my lack of milking skills.  I am anxious to learn and am a fairly quick study so given the chance I believe that this could be a good fit.  Keep your fingers crossed and I will keep you updated.

Farm Updates:

The piggies have been enjoying the rain and cooler weather.   The Gloustershire Old Spots, Charleston, Jo, and Sadie are actually looking white and spotted these days.  During the warm summer months they protected their skin with mud so it appeared that we had three brown pigs.  It is still surprising to look out and see that they are great looking pigs.

My mom and best friend are visiting the homestead this week.  So although I am most definitely doing chores and taking care of the homestead I have actually spent quite a bit of time running around and having fun.  I guess you can take the girl out of California, but you can’t take the California out of the girl.

Have a great week!

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