Welcome to the Farm

Thanks for stopping by to check out the farm.  My name is Ashley and I wanted to welcome you personally to Little Red Hen Farms.  My parents bought a small farm in Oregon at the end of February 2017 and we have been working as a family to make it into a productive homestead for all of us to enjoy.  The purpose of this blog will be to share our journey in this process (e.g. planting gardens, orchards, and a berry patch, acquiring animals, housing them, and harvesting from the farm).

We are coming into this farm with some of the land and buildings in pretty bad shape.  We have had a few struggles as all homesteads do and we hope to share with you the honesty of this type of farming, from vet bills, eggs that don’t hatch, or disappointing squash harvests.  But there are also victories like rendering your own leaf lard, canning your own fruit, drying your own herbs, watching your animals grow and enjoy the grass and land you are working hard to provide for them.

This is a process that we as a family enjoy.  My mother and father bought this farm.  My sister loves to come out and work with the animals, help with farm projects, and my husband and I are living here with my parents while searching for work.  But it has been a wonderful experience to raise our daughter Rose (AKA the littlest homesteader) with all of the animals, plants, and projects.

All in all, there are no dull days.  More often than not there are more things to get done than there are hours in the day.  But we are doing our best and loving our journey.  Welcome!


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